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TrannylifeWelcome to, the famous free hardcore tranny sex blog!

Only the hottest Shemales and Ladyboys get fucked right here. You’re interested in hot trannysex pictures and pornovideos? You’ll definitely enjoy this sexblog then.. horny tranny babes like Evelin here get banged around the clock. They look like hot chicks, walk around at the beach and try to hook up casual straight guys. Well these tranny sex dates always end up in real surprising fucking scenes at the local hotel room. This great new tranny sex blog update happens in Sao Paolo the home of the world’s hottest shemales and ladyboys. Unbelievable how hot this sexy tranny in the following Tranny Pornofilme is.

The lovely brunette tranny here is called Evelin. She’s got a beautiful face, a perfectly tanned skin, some nice big tits and of course hard cumshooting dick! It’s not really surprising that one unlucky fellow get’s trapped by Evelin, look by yourself, this tranny is absolutely hot!! When both arrive their hotel room, both don’t even care about the gender anymore. They just want to have some fun. Assholes get licked, cocks get sucked and fuckholes get banged. This is by far my favorite tranny sex blog scene! I hope you enjoy this hardcore shemale porno as much as I do!!

Tranny Sex Blog – Latin Shemale Banged By Trapped Fellow
Tranny Life
Tranny Sex Blog

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Straight Guy Fucks Transsexual Hottie

Tranny LifeOh my cock, more than a month without any new transsexual freeporn fucks? That’s way too much time.. and I’m really sorry for the lack of Tranny Sex updates.

The reason for this long break is that I’ve spent more than 3 weeks at Bangkok. I banged quite a lot of shemales and ladyboys over there.. it was a real tranny life party with lot’s of anal sex and facials of course. Pretty extreme for a straight guy don’t you think? Don’t worry, lean back and enjoy “The Tranny Site Of Your Life“!

Well I’m not the only one who is into transsexual Hottie chicks.. just take a look at this great new freeporn stuff. A good looking straight guy fucks a latin hottie called Valentina Bittencourt, a real tranny surprise Pornstar. She’s well known for her female look and behavior. She sucks and fucks dicks like no other and has a pretty cute face as well. Maybe that’s why the young guy Yago here decides to pick up this transsexual hottie for a anal fuck.

Straight Guy Fucks Transsexual Hottie
Tranny Porn
Transsexual Hottie
Valentina Bittencourt

Hot shemales like Valentina Bittencourt are always good for a hardcore tranny surprise? You’d like to see more Tranny Life stuff? Don’t worry, read the whole freeporn article..
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Tranny Gets Hardest Fuck Of Her Life

tranny titsWelcome back tranny-fan. Are you looking for some new tranny chicks? Trannylife will help you! We found a new nasty tranny on TrannySurprise.Com for you! There is this young horny guy, looking for some girl to fuck. But he didn’t know THIS girl got a huge dong! And he didn’t know that’s her favorite pastime to let people think she’s a normal woman and shock them when the guys take her panties off.

And i guess you can imagine there will be nothing much more funnier to see the reaction of a guy who’s reckon on a nice wet pussy and got a penis in front of his face instead. But every guy starts touching the dick after short thinking about this situation. Like the guy in our example. This young fella thinks he can eat out a tight pussy today, but “WOW WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!” Yeah a nice cock, but after some seconds of thinking, he starts to stroke the dick and starts to wank and suck. It is his first time of cock sucking, but he likes it.
It drives him totally insane and he fucked this sexy tranny girl so hard in her tight but hole till she screams. And he cums all over her beautiful tranny tits.

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Hot Assfucked TGirl

tranny assAs i can see you’re not tired of hot assfucked tgirls, aren’t you? So i guess i can give you a treat! Here is another high class trannygirl who is on the search for a big cock. And it looks like she is successful.

She was just walking through the streets to watch for some hot guy, when this young unaware guy comes by to check her out and have a dirty flirt. She firstly acts like a innocent decent woman and hides her dirty purposes, to let him think he is in charge. They decided to go to his place to continue this little talk. But she did not want to talk, she wanted to fuck!

When they arrived at his place, she directly show him what she wanted and starts touching his balls through his pants. He went totally horny and starts touching her tits. But when his hand goes down to her panties he felt something strange….WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?? SURPRISE! This hot lady got a nice dick.

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Tranny Life Porn

tranny life pornInterested in some Tranny Life porn for free? That’s perfect, welcome to our erotic blog then. Here you’ll always be served well with hot new shemale sex and tranny surprises like in this great new porn movie.

What is this update all about? The latin tranny life on those sexy pictures is called Lourranny and she’s actually just looking for a nice beach to chill out a little bit. Suddenly a good looking guy comes by for a nice dirty flirt. Well, I think he didn’t really recognized Lourrannys big balls in her slip. He was just staring at her nice big butt and her boobs.. what a big mistake!

After some nice chatting and fumbling both decide to change the location. Having wild sex at the beach is a little bit dangerous in Brazil. Fucking in a private appartment is way better and safer.. so they’re going to tranny Lourrannys home. Jack was just entering the living room when everything became quite clear to him. Such a great TV, a PC.. in the living room? Lourranny can’t be a girl.. that’s impossible, she must be something really special.

Somehow Jack becomes more and more curious.. would it be fun to lick a tranny asshole, what about a rough fuck on this sofa? Having sex with a real tranny has always been a dirty fantasy of Jack, could his wet dreams cum true today? Guess what’s happening in this Tranny Life porn episode.. take a look at these free sex pics!

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As you can see, Jack was unable to resist anymore. He licks the perfect tranny butt until Lourrannys dick get’s bigger and bigger. She has never been licked so carefully, she admits. Jack plays with her balls and gets rewarded with a dedicated blowjob in return.

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Small Dick Ladyboy

sexy ladyboyDo you remember the huge tranny cock of Juliana De Sousa ? You know what.. Julianas dick is a monster compared to this little shemale wiener I found today. I don’t know why but somehow I fell in love with his small dick ladyboy.

It’s actually one of the hottest Tranny Surprise episodes I’ve ever seen. Why? Because I’ve always be looking for a scene in which a trapped guy gets penetrated by such an small boner. The revenge of the fucked man is so much bigger and really rough. At the end he fucks the tight tranny ass without taking care of her health or interest… that must hurt! But hey let’s start from the beginning.

The white chick with the long black hair is called Dayelle Carvalho and she just came over from Santos, actually for visiting one of her old school mates. They were really good friends and shared a lot of sexual memories.

Right at the stony beach, Danyelle get’s overwhelmed by naughty fantasies. What’s going on in her weird ladyboy brain. She is desperately in need of a hard cock. But it must be much bigger than her small dick of course. She wants to get her butthole stuffed and filled up with cum and her school mate is the perfect guy to deliver her needs.

As soon as they’re arriving the appartement, Danyelle starts pulling off her clothes, look at those firm boobs. Pretty much perfect for a ladybay, aren’t they? Some real girls will be really envious now I guess.

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Bobby comes back from the kitchen and well, check out what’s smiling at him. It’s the gaping butthole of his old school pal. So tight but so inviting. But what’s wrong with the small dick? Bobby is almost about to laugh at him but he is curious though.. hey, maybe it’s getting bigger and harder after a nice blowjob and doggy style fuck might help as well? No not really..

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Tranny Porn

sexy JulianaHappy Monday everyone, welcome back to your Tranny Porn site nr.1!

What’s the perfect start into a new week? Right, it’s a fresh new Tranny Surprise! There is nothing better than watching a porn movie in which boobs sucking straight guy get’s surprised by a tranny hooker. Yes even this lucky fellow here get’s trapped and convinced… but by whom? The lovely tranny here is called Juliana De Sousa and she’s a pretty latin sex package with big tits and hard balls. So what’s happening in this wild movie.. Juliana actually just want’s to have some fun after a rough business week passed by.

As you can see she’s got a cute face and a big juicy butt as well. No wonder that it doesn’t take long until she get’s hooked up by horny big cock. But the trapped guy doesn’t even seem to care about the surprising tranny dick. He just fucks Julianas round ass proper. Not the first time for Juliana that she experiences such a calm reaction. She knows exactly why all the young guys love her for. It’s her perfectly shaped tits and the luscious lips. The perfect weapons for an effective blowjob and of course a perfect target for a huge cum load!

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I’m pretty sure you mentioned all the man juice on the pretty tranny asshole in the final picture. Yes that was all Yago, the one who fell in love with shemales.
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Sexy Shemale Alert

interracial shemale coupleI just came home from a very long trip to Brazil but now it’s really about time to give you some nice new tranny sex reports right here on TrannyLife, your free shemale sex source number one on the net!

My dick is still hurting because all those tight shemales holes I’d filled in the past weeks but nevertheless I think that I’m already glad to see some nice tranny pics like these here..

A not too smart guy called Yago just hooked with sexy shemale Mirela. Yes she looks like a hot chick, what a beautiful face and a nice female butt. They are walking through the park at night as Yago actually just wanted to meet some of his friends for a dinner but hey he doesn’t seem to be so unhappy about what’s happening next..

He cancels the dinner and picks up this sweety for a test drive. When they arrive at Yagos place, the latin just has one thing in mind. He stuffs his hard dick right into Mirelas little mouth, quite surprising that there’s so much space in her greedy throat. They fuck all over the living room and after a nice anal tranny ride he sprays his cum right on her perky tits. They’re a sweet interracial tranny couple, aren’t they? Maybe Yago didn’t recognized the typical shemale alert.. or he’s just into those sexy shemales because they’ve got evyerthing one needs. Big tits, a tight asshole and a cum blaster!

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